A diet with rice may benefit your heart health

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Coronary heart disease (CHD) or coronary artery disease is a significant health concern worldwide. It occurs when coronary arteries become narrowed due to a buildup of plaque.

The plaque is made up of fat, cholesterol, and other substances, and its accumulation can lead to stiffening and narrowing of the arteries, severely affecting heart health.

What Makes the Japanese Different?

It’s long been observed that Japanese people have a lower death risk from heart disease compared to those in Western countries, especially from coronary heart disease.

Many attribute this to the traditional Japanese diet, which is believed to be a contributing factor to the nation’s longer life expectancy. Rice is a staple in the Japanese diet and often accompanies other dishes.

The Study: Rice vs. Bread vs. Noodle

Researchers from Gifu University sought to scientifically examine the relationship between a rice-based diet and heart health.

The study looked at 13,355 men and 15,724 women aged 35 and above who were enrolled in the Takayama Study. Participants’ dietary habits were analyzed using a food questionnaire.

The study found a significant link between frequent rice consumption and lower risk of heart disease in men. Interestingly, no such strong association was found for women.

Furthermore, neither bread nor noodles were found to significantly impact heart disease mortality.

The Rice Effect: More Than Just a Grain

The researchers also observed that choosing rice was associated with eating more soy products and seaweed and less meat and eggs.

This led them to suggest that the choice of rice as a grain dish likely promotes the consumption of other healthier foods, which collectively could aid in the prevention of heart disease.

The Takeaway

If you are concerned about heart health, this study suggests that a diet rich in rice could have potential benefits, especially when paired with healthier side dishes like soy products and seaweeds.

However, it’s important to note that the study is based on the Japanese population, and further research is needed to establish the broader applicability of these findings.

For more on heart health, you may want to explore studies that suggest yogurt and natural coconut sugar could offer benefits like lowering death risks from heart disease and reducing blood pressure and arterial stiffness.

The research adds another layer to our understanding of diet and heart health, suggesting that it’s not just what you eat, but also what you eat it with, that matters.

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