Rice is nice: how eating more rice might be good for your heart

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Coronary heart disease happens when an artery that supplies blood to your heart gets blocked.

This blockage is due to a sticky stuff called plaque that builds up inside the artery. Plaque is made from fat, cholesterol, and other things.

The Gifu University Study

Scientists from Gifu University in Japan did a study. They found out that eating lots of rice might be good for the hearts of Japanese people.

Why the Japanese Diet is Special

People in Japan often live longer and have less heart disease compared to people in Western countries. Many people think this is because of the Japanese diet.

Rice is the main food in Japan. A typical meal there will have rice, soup, and some other dishes. But until now, scientists didn’t know if eating lots of rice was good or bad for heart disease.

The Study and its Findings

In the study, the scientists looked at 13,355 men and 15,724 women who were 35 years or older. All of these people were part of a bigger study called the Takayama Study. The scientists asked them about the food they eat.

They found out that men who ate more rice had less heart disease. But this wasn’t true for women.

The scientists also noticed that people who ate more rice also ate more soy products and seaweed, but less meat and eggs. They didn’t find any link between eating bread or noodles and heart disease.

What Does This Mean?

The scientists think that in Japan when people choose to eat rice, they also choose to eat healthier side dishes. This might be why eating more rice seems to protect against heart disease.

Caring for Your Heart

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This study was done by a scientist named Keiko Wada and her team. They published their findings in a journal called Nutrients.

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