This diet may help you fight diabetes

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Did you know that munching on fruits, veggies, and whole grains could help battle a health problem?

There’s fresh evidence that these foods can assist those with “type 2 diabetes”.

The American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine has the scoop.

Healthy Foods, Big Benefits

A study observed 59 folks with heart issues and type 2 diabetes. They went on a special food journey at a health center in Virginia, USA. Their meals? Loads of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Besides tasty foods, they saw their sugar levels in the blood drop. The best part? Over one-third waved goodbye to diabetes! Plus, they shed some pounds. Win-win!

Old News, New Twist

Older studies hinted that plant-packed diets can boost diabetes. But those either starved people or gave them meal shakes. The new study is cool because it shows real food can be a real hero.

Doctor’s Thoughts

Dr. Gunadhar Panigrahi, the lead researcher, highlighted that diabetes is on the rise. But good news: more doctors now believe in the strength of the right diet. And this study backs that up!

All About Numbers Researchers dug into patient records from 2007 to 2021. They hunted for success stories where increased plant-eating led to better sugar levels. Out of 59, 22 people kicked diabetes to the curb. And bonus: fewer meds!

An Unexpected Lesson

Surprise! Many patients didn’t initially aim to tackle diabetes with veggies and fruits. They just learned and loved the wellness center’s teachings.

And while some think plant-based diets are tricky, the study shows they’re not just possible but fun!

What’s Next?

There’s more to discover. How many are open to swapping burgers for broccoli? What keeps people munching on greens? That’s what the researchers aim to figure out next.

Munching on greens and fruits isn’t just delicious; it’s a weapon against diabetes. So next time you’re hungry, think of the magic veggies can do. Grab that apple!

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