Scientists find a berry that can prevent cancer, diabetes, obesity

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Berries are known for being good for our health, but researchers at the University of Montreal have found one that may do more than just that.

The Brazilian camu-camu berry has already been recognized for its ability to protect against obesity and diabetes. Now, it might even help in treating cancers.

Within this little berry is a compound called castalagin. This compound is a type of polyphenol that works like a prebiotic, which means it helps the good bacteria in our gut to grow.

Boosting the Body’s Defense Against Cancer

Our body has its own defense system called the immune system. It fights off diseases and infections, including cancer.

Some cancer treatments, known as immunotherapies, work by boosting the immune system so it can kill cancer cells more effectively.

One type of immunotherapy uses drugs called immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs). These drugs have shown promise in treating skin cancer (melanoma) and lung cancer.

But not all patients respond well to this treatment, so researchers are looking for ways to improve its effectiveness.

That’s where the camu-camu berry comes in. The researchers found that castalagin can change the gut microbiome, which is the collection of all the bacteria in our gut.

This change can make the immune system stronger and more able to fight off cancer. The researchers think that castalagin could be used alongside ICIs to improve their effect.

Subheading 3: Testing the Berry’s Power on Patients

In their study, the researchers tested castalagin on mice and found that it could help the body to fight off cancer. Now they’re ready to test it on people.

They’re starting a clinical trial, which is a type of study where a new treatment is tested on patients to see how well it works.

They plan to recruit 45 patients with lung cancer or melanoma to take part in the trial. These patients will take castalagin orally, which means they’ll swallow it like a pill.

If this trial is successful, it could be a big step forward in cancer treatment. And it’s all thanks to a small berry from Brazil.

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