Is dairy the new health hero?

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Ever debated between full-fat and low-fat milk while grocery shopping?

A new international study says, go for the creamier option. Consuming at least two daily servings of dairy is linked to lower risks of diabetes, high blood pressure, and metabolic syndrome.

Historical research hinted at dairy’s potential health benefits, particularly for diabetes, high blood pressure, and metabolic syndrome.

However, these studies primarily zoomed in on North American and European populations, leaving a significant portion of the globe unaccounted for.

This latest research swung the doors wide open, studying individuals from a whopping 21 countries, spanning continents, cultures, and dietary habits.

The focus: understanding dairy’s universal benefits across a diverse populace aged between 35 and 70.

Participants spilled the beans (or, in this case, the milk) on their dairy consumption over the past year, detailing everything from yogurt to cheese-infused dishes. Dairy was then classified into full-fat and low-fat categories.

Furthermore, a comprehensive picture of each participant was drawn, incorporating medical history, medication, lifestyle habits, and crucial indicators of metabolic syndrome like blood pressure and cholesterol.

The outcome was tantalizing. Dairy enthusiasts consuming two or more servings daily saw a 24% plunge in metabolic syndrome risk, with this number spiking to 28% for the full-fat dairy devotees.

Additionally, tracking almost 190,000 participants for approximately nine years, the study pinpointed an 11-12% dip in the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes among consistent dairy consumers.

Though this study paints dairy in a flattering light, it’s crucial to remember it’s observational in nature.

It can’t firmly stamp dairy as the knight in shining armor against these health conditions. People frequently indulging in dairy might inherently lead healthier lifestyles.

However, for the dairy lovers among us, the news is heartening. Embracing full-fat dairy might just be a step towards a healthier heart and stabilized blood sugar.

But remember, any dietary change is best approached with a doctor’s guidance.

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The study is published in the BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care.

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