Two common nutrients in diets may help fight obesity

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A study by scientists at Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute has provided new insights into the roles of two essential amino acids, threonine, and tryptophan, in metabolic health.

This research could potentially aid in combating obesity.

The researchers found that reducing the intake of these two amino acids might help burn more calories without the necessity for calorie reduction.

This could lead to maintaining a lean and healthy physique without the undesirable side effect of muscle mass loss.

Notably, a diet low in threonine even offered protection to mice that were morbidly obese and predisposed to type 2 diabetes.

While it is known that a moderate reduction in dietary protein, including essential amino acids, can enhance vitality, diets devoid of these components can quickly lead to illness and are not recommended.

However, this study suggests that the roles of threonine and tryptophan in nutrition may warrant further exploration.

Key Findings

A highlight of the study involved an experiment where the research team genetically manipulated mice to synthesize the essential amino acid threonine.

This manipulation blocked the health-promoting effects of the low-threonine diet, leading to weight gain in the mice.

This outcome supports the idea that these two amino acids could be key to a new dietary approach.

According to the researchers, they are discovering an increasing number of situations where essential amino acids act as powerful modulators of lifelong health and lifespan.

Implications of the Study

These findings offer exciting insights into how we might use the benefits of essential amino acids to improve health.

The research underscores the importance of a balanced intake of dietary amino acids for controlling appetite, health, and aging.

The study, conducted by Dr. Adam Rose et al., was published in Nature Communications.

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